Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Why psychotherapy?

Some people think, "If I need a therapist I must be crazy.” The opposite is true: being willing to look at yourself and take steps to improve your life is actually a sign of health.

The process of therapy is very similar to the idea of working out to build muscles and strengthen your body. It is not a quick fix. You must decide that you are willing to work hard to get rid of the impediments that are keeping you from achieving more happiness and satisfaction from life.

Is it all just in my head?

Not necessarily. Sometimes, what you are experiencing is not just “inner-turmoil.” It is the external problems that need immediate attention. Very often, tension or real life stressors can trigger depression, anxiety, and other unpleasant feelings.

Some core issues might be:

  • Career dilemmas

  • Infertility and adoption

  • Parenting

  • Loss or bereavement

  • Caring for ill parents

  • Divorce or separation

  • Step and blended families

My treatment approach is tailored to your needs. I want to help you move forward if you are ready.

Is what I say confidential?

As a licensed clinician in the State of New York, I am bound by the NASW (National Association of Social Workers) code of ethics and confidentiality (which can be explained in detail when we meet). This is a key ingredient in the relationship between you and your therapist. I respect your privacy--what is said in my office, stays in my office.

How often do I attend sessions?

Many patients come once a week, and standard appointments are 50 minutes. Patients who are interested in moving the pace along more quickly come twice a week. We can also schedule double sessions or a session and a half.

What about missed appointments or cancellations?

I require 48 hours notice for cancellations, but I understand that we all have hectic lives and sometimes unexpected things happen. In the case of an emergency, please contact me.

 Some of my patients have to travel because of work, and so I am flexible and happy to accommodate you when I can. I also provide the option of conducting a session by phone or Skype if you cannot come to my office. I understand that New Yorkers can have unusual schedules.  But if working on issues is a priority, we will find the time to get to work.

How can I get started?

If it's your first time, I recommend contacting me at lisa@manhattan-therapist.com to set up a phone consultation. You can also schedule an appointment online